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The Ultimate Badass Breeder’s Guide is the definitive playbook for any dog breeder who desires to make their program world-class. This guide provides a step-by-step approach to help you revolutionize your program and raise the type of puppies that will have clients and trainers flocking. If you’ve ever wished to be mentored by one of the most experienced breeders, leading you day-by-day as you breed and raise pups, this guide is your answer. From the desk of a woman who has whelped and raised hundreds of successful service and therapy dogs and turned the heads of the most respected industry professionals and national media, this game-changing guide will:•Give you the expert advice to help you evaluate and choose the right breeding stock and prevent you from making the fatal and costly error of breeding the wrong dogs.•Give you the skills to raise pups on an advanced curriculum, ensuring successful placement in therapy, facility and service dog training.•Provide information on how to raise puppies that are empowered and not enabled, who believe in their own abilities.•Save you days of heartache by teaching you how to evaluate and place puppies in the right homes with the right owners, thereby avoiding emotional and costly rehoming scenarios.•Inject business savvy into your approach, saving you hours and hours of time by providing you with proven customer communication templates and marketing tools and ideas.•Provide you with effective handouts, charts, contracts and other organizational templates, tools, and expert hacks that will make you look like the rockstar breeder you are.By the end of The Ultimate Badass Breeder’s Guide, you will have all the training you need to rise above the competition and join the revolution of taking breeding from “Bad to Badass.”


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