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Samsung Digimax i85 8.2MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom (Black)




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The i85 is equipped with a 3.0-inch touch screen LCD, an integrated MP3 player, and a PMP (Portable Multimedia Player) function. A built-in World Tour Guide function provides instant access to travel information covering 2,600 regions in 30 countries, so you’ll always know where the action is. Further information can also be downloaded directly from the internet, and with 450MB of internal memory you won’t need to worry about space for favorite travel tips. The camera is equipped with the Samsung Advanced Shake Reduction (ASR) system and ISO 1600 high sensitivity support so that images remain crisp and detailed even without a flash.

The i85 also features Samsung’s Intelligent Face Recognition Technology, which detects the subject’s face, then automatically adjusts autofocus and autoexposure to ensure better composition and image quality in portraits. The AF function instantaneously recognizes the faces of subjects and accurately focuses on them before the AE function takes over, setting the appropriate exposure to ensure the highest image quality.

The stunning new Samsung i85 is a must-have camera packed with intelligently integrated multimedia features.


Slim 5x optical zoom
The Samsung i85 has a powerful 5x optical zoom in a 20.2-millimeter stainless body.

Multimedia function
The Samsung i85 is equipped with an 8.2-megapixel, 1/2.5-inch CCD, 5x optical zoom, an MP3 player, SRS WOW HD sound effect, and PMP. Those equipments allow Samsung i85 to function as a movie player, text viewer, voice recorder, portable hard drive, and camcorder.

The Samsung Digimax's World Tour Guide function
A World Tour Guide function provides images and facts about major world destinations.

World Tour Guide function
By adding the World Tour Guide function to a digital camera for the first time, the Samsung i85 provides more convenient and diverse usability while travelling. Images and explanations of famous attractions in 30 countries are provided. With the World Tour Guide function, you can check global travel information easily and conveniently.

3.0-inch TFT LCD (230K)
The Samsung i85 has a 3.0-inch large LCD for improved contrast and color reproduction, allowing you to enjoy a wider and clearer image.

Multi-charging system
With Samsung’s unique multi-charging system, your travel has become even lighter. You don’t have to carry an AC adapter for your travel any more. With multi-charging kit SAC-46, you can conveniently charge the camera at a power point or on your laptop or desktop computer.

The Samsung Digimax's AE and AF functions
With Face Recognition AE and AF, exposure and focus are automatically keyed to faces in the frame.

Face Recognition AF and AE
With the Face Recognition AF and AE function, the Samsung i85 enables the user to take better portrait pictures more easily. The function detects faces and automatically focuses on them; the brightness of the faces is adjusted optimally for beautiful portrait pictures.

i-Movie (MPEG-4, SVGA quality)
With new technology, it is possible to record movies in SVGA quality (800 x 592), which provides wider images than the VGA (600 x 480) size. As a result you can enjoy bigger movies on a PC as well as on TV.

ASR (Advanced Shake Reduction) function
The ASR technology prevents the degradation of image clarity and color which is sometimes found in flash photography. With ASR, the effects of image blur are reduced in lower light conditions. You can even take well exposed, sharper pictures in a low-light condition without using a flash at all, guaranteeing brighter and more natural pictures.

What’s in the box
Samsung Digimax i85, user manual/product warranty, camera strap, AC adapter, USB cable, software CD, earphones, AV cable, reschargeable battery

8.2-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 16 x 22-inch prints
5x optical zoom; 3.0-inch LCD display
Face Recognition autofocus and autoexposure, MP3 player, SRS WOW HD sound effects, and PMP
Built-in World Tour Guide function covering 2,600 regions in 30 countries
Powered by lithium-ion battery (battery and charger included); stores images on SD memory card


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