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A straight talking, modern day self-help book endorsed by Bob Proctor & Marci Shimoff, contributors to The Secret. If you are suffering with addiction, health, relationship, or financial challenges, or you just feel stuck in a rut and are ready to re-evaluate your life and make a change, Life Remixed will show you how to get there! The ability to remix your life is inside each and every one of us.

”Life Remixed™ wouldn’t have been possible without Mark Wilkinson making a critical decision at the lowest point of his life. Let’s face it, our results are the culmination of the decisions we make or don’t make. For anyone looking for hope, this book offers an abundance of it. And, with hope, you have options.” – Bob Proctor. Best-Selling Author of You Were Born Rich


Ask Mark Wilkinson that question about his young life as a talented, international DJ and music producer from the late 1980s through 2000s.

Mark was known in nightclubs around the world as popular, fun-to-be-around, headstrong, and up-for-anything mover and shaker – getting caught up in all his addictions enjoying international travel, having loads of friends, and enjoying professional success. However, the inevitability of consequences acted like gravity and what went up in Mark’s life came crashing down in an autoimmune health crisis.

Mark took this dramatic collapse in his health, lifestyle, and income and turned it around to become the success he is today. His passion now is to help others avoid or recover from health, relationship, or financial crisis. In Life Remixed, Mark shares what he learned about making new choices and commitments in order to succeed. If it’s time to remix your life, grab this book, keep an open mind, and hang on for the ride. Mark will show you how.

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