ScummVM receives support for Grim Fandango and Longest Journey in its anniversary update

ScummVM was launched 20 years ago and has made it consistently easy to run old adventure games on modern PCs ever since. It started with the LucasArts classics that are integrated into the SCUMM engine, but has expanded so much since then. Now, on the application’s 20th anniversary, support has been expanded to over a dozen additional games, including Grim Fandango, The Longest Journey, and Myst 3: Exile.

As the developers explain in the announcement, “this is the first version that, thanks to the merger with ResidualVM, supports 2.5D games (almost 3D)”. This merger started last year, and now that it is complete, your original copies of Grim Fandango, Longest Journey and Myst 3 can now be played on PC by ScummVM.

Of course, ScummVM is now a lot bigger than pure adventure games, and this update has support for Little Big Adventure (there’s a new one coming by the way) and Crusader: No Remorse in addition to support for Adventure Game Studios games from version 2.5, including games from Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw’s cult classic Chzo Mythos.

ScummVM was productive and useful enough that it is now used in commercial versions of old games. The compatibility list now includes dozens of PC classics, including a handful of games that have been released as legal freeware, such as the cyberpunk adventure Beneath a Steel Sky.

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