In time for Halloween, World of Warships is going to be spooky

It’s that time of year that candy-hungry kids and aging goths look forward to: Halloween. Along with chocolate and ghost tours comes the traditional World of Warships update that brings scary new game modes – and some old favorites – with it.

World of Warships October update features a new temporary battle mode, Twilight Hunt, which allows 16 players to team up against live and AI opponents to find and destroy the Twilight fleet, led by the infamous (and possibly stricken) battleship Rasputin. Old Halloween favorites Operation Saving Transylvania and Sunray in Darkness will be back for the holidays too. Elsewhere, there are three monstrous creature ships for captains who really want to enjoy their terrifying side: Fangblade, Thorn Ridge, and Lobster Eyes. Expect lots of tentacles.

World of warships

(Image credit: Wargaming)

The update also sees a multitude of new German battleships in the game in Early Access. There are new Tier III through IX BBs armed with super-precise main guns and a variety of consumables to give captains an edge over enemy fighters. And you can earn Doublins through Personal Challenges to bid for Tier X Schlieffen battleship.

Personal challenges allow players to complete a series of missions; With every victory you move on to the next challenge and earn coal and German tokens with which you can unlock ships in Early Access and grab a selection of camouflage patterns and flags.

Will Rasputin be as hard to kill as the real Russian priest? Find out soon when the update will be released on October 21st.


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