Singapore Savings Bonds SSB November 2021 – Long Yield is on the rise!

Here is a for sure Way to save the money you have no idea when you need it to use it, or yours Emergency fund.

The 10- and 1-year Singapore Savings Bonds rate since it was first issued in October 2015

the November 2021The SSB bonds of are with an interest rate of 1.45% / year for the next 10 years. You can apply through ATMs or internet banking through the three banks (UOB, OCBC, DBS).

However, if you do hold the SSB bonds for only 1 year, with 2 semi-annual payments your interest rate is 0.34% / year.

$ 10,000 will be too $ 11,485 in 10 years.

This bond is supported by the Singapore government and is available to Singaporeans.

A single person can own no more than SG $ 200,000 worth Singapore Savings Bonds. You can also use your Supplementary Pension System (SRS) Account to buy.

Further information on the SSB can be found here.

Note that there is a new edition every month that you can subscribe to through ATMs. The 1 to 10 year return you will get differs from this month’s ladder as shown above.

Last monthbond yields 1.43% / year for 10 years and 0.35% / year For 1 year.

Here is the current historical SSB 10 year yield curve with the 1 year yield curve since October 2015 when SSB launched (click on the chart, move over the line to see the actual yield for that month):

The application and redemption plan

You will apply for the bonds later this month. At the end of the month you will find out how many of the bonds you applied for were successful.

Here is the schedule for application and withdrawal if you want to sell:

Singapore Savings Bonds application and redemption datesClick here for a larger schedule

You have from 02 to about the 25th of the month (technically the 4th day after the last working day of the month) to apply for or redeem the SSB that you want to redeem.

Your bond will be in your CDP on the 1st of the next month. On the 1st of the next month, your money will be displayed in your bank account linked to your CDP account.

How do the Singapore Savings Bonds compare to SGS Bonds and Singapore Treasury Bills?

Singapore savings bonds are like a “unit trust” or “fund” of SGS Bonds.

But what’s the difference between buying SGS bonds directly and buying its sister, the T-Bills?

Both the SGS bonds and the T-bills are also issued by the government and have an AAA rating.

Here is a detailed MAS comparison of the three:

SGS Bonds versus Singapore T-Bills versus Singapore Savings BondsClick here for a larger comparison table

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Previous editions of SSB and their courses:

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