Stock market forecast: so much for the Hawkish Fed

Stock market forecast: so much for the Hawkish Fed

So long – or rather (as if it were even true). If there was one thing June FOMC showed us, it was the power of (cheap) conversation. We have come a long way since inflation (gotten out of hand) was acknowledged – yesterday we were hit with very aggressive taper plans of 10-15bn. Coupled with the few and distant rate hikes on the dot chart, something seems lazy to go.

While progress in the recovery of the real economy has been recognized (how does that relate to GDP downgrades and others macroeconomic realities, which I addressed in my detailed analysis yesterday?), I think the bar is a bit too high.

Almost as if you wanted to give a (valid) reason why you shouldn’t rejuvenate yourself next. And the theater of the taper on-off, also known as the jawbone, could go on in response to the markets’ response to this fragile period of economic recovery (marked by mounting deflationary undercurrents manifested in falling government bond yields and contagion risks – make no mistake, Evergrande is this Tip of the iceberg, real estate has been warming around the world in the past 1+ years, and in the US BlackRock has replenished the supply of residential real estate, which underpins high home prices, especially as measured by income). Also, don’t forget about the weak outside farm payrolls when it comes to the list of excuses to choose from.

At the same time, the debt ceiling drama hasn’t entertained us nearly enough. Right, the Fed is projecting an aura of independence, which made a decision in September all the less likely. And who says we lack drama these days?

So the S&P 500 seems to see through the Fed’s fog, but don’t forget the historical tendency for the first day (FOMC day) movement to fade over the next 1-2 days. So I’m looking for some weakening of yesterday’s upturn in both paper and tangible assets. And that includes baking and filling in raw materials, precious metals and cryptos.

Let’s jump straight into the charts (all courtesy of

S&P 500 and Nasdaq outlook

Stock market forecast: so much for the Hawkish Fed

The bulls are on the move but facing headwinds – more intraday hesitation (an overall positive day with a notable top knot) is expected.

Credit markets

Stock market forecast: so much for the Hawkish Fed

High yield corporate bonds, on the other hand, only held up their opening gains – hesitation remains but bullish sentiment is slowly returning.

Gold, silver and miners

Stock market forecast: so much for the Hawkish Fed

Gold was still stunned by the taper plans put forward, and the miners are waiting for their time. We’re not around the corner yet.

crude oil

Stock market forecast: so much for the Hawkish Fed

Oil stocks confirmed the oil rally and the black gold chart still maintains a bullish stance.


Copper didn’t really hesitate – the red metal made for another wild boom, but it lacks volume and base and it could take a moment to establish itself.

Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin and Ethereum rebounded, but the volume could have been larger – what was wrong there could be offset by prices at least above the midpoint of yesterday’s white candle.


The balance of power is shifting to the bulls, who are facing a retracement attempt from yesterday’s rally. Its degree of leniency would indicate what to expect next – what matters is that the dollar gets the message from the Fed (not a hawk) that would serve to cushion any hiccups that will drag the markets down over the next few days .

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