How to automatically send useful, customized Interactive Brokers reports to your email

Here are the instructions for creating a bespoke one Interactive brokers Bank statements sent to your email.

An investor in today’s world will likely check their cell phone application to see how your stocks are doing.

An old school investor like me thought all I needed was a desktop login for a web application. However, the financial firms that move with the times have cultivated us better to appreciate mobile valuation.

However, some of us would prefer to have an electronic report.

An electronic report of our stocks and transactions would allow us to take snapshots and keep a journal of our decisions.

Why do we need to create custom Interactive Brokers reports to be sent to your email?

Recently a colleague of mine sought my help to compile a report that only includes his monthly trades.

For some of us who work in financial companies, we need to regularly disclose our holdings.

Instead of going through the same tedious process every month of rebuilding the reports by logging into the Interactive Brokers system, a better way is to:

  1. Create a custom report of my monthly transactions
  2. Some other portfolio details
  3. Send to my email

The advantage is that you can create specific filter rules in your e-mail in order to forward e-mails with a specific subject to a specific folder for archiving.

How do I create custom Interactive Brokers reports?

Interactive Brokers is very flexible as it allows us to generate reports that update various aspects of our accounts.

You can only reveal enough, but not too much.

Here is the process.

Select the button under Interactive Brokers Custom Reports and create

First, log into your Interactive Brokers accounts and go to Reports > statement.

In the following section you would a. see Custom instructions Section. Click on the cross.

Enter a name for your custom interactive broker report

Give the statement a name.

You can create a very customized interactive broker report

Next, at Interactive Brokers, you can choose which aspect of your account to include in the report.

I think we can all appreciate the granularity we can adjust here.

my favorite interactive realtor report.

As a guide, I want to create a report that includes:

  1. My cash positions
  2. Deposits and withdrawals per month
  3. Dividend and withholding tax on dividends
  4. Trades completed
  5. Open positions

Choose the shipping method for your custom interactive broker report.

Next, there are a few options to choose from. Usually I would leave the top on the default.

You can deliver a PDF, Html or CSV version at regular intervals.

Review the settings for your custom interactive broker statement

Confirm your choice.

You have successfully created your custom interactive broker report.

If you succeed in executing the instructions, a custom instruction is created.

You can click on that -> Button to run and generate the report so you can see if this is the information you want.

If not, go back and make changes.

How do I send the Interactive Brokers Customized Report to your email?

After that, we need to set up Interactive Brokers to send us these reports automatically.

how to configure to send your report to your email.

Focus on the report excerpts page Explanations delivery, then click on that equipment Button.

Under Monthly delivery of custom statements, press the equipment Button.

note: You would notice that there is Standard delivery of extracts and Daily delivery of custom statements Sections. Once you have learned to configure the settings, you can email daily trades and portfolio positions on a daily basis. That is Daily trading report. All you have to do is set it to Email with attachment.

You should do that. It’s pretty convenient.

Select which custom interactive broker report to send to your email inbox and select the format.

On the Configure Delivery Settings page, set the delivery method to Email and choose whether you want to encrypt the email.

Check which custom report you want to deliver (you can deliver several) and in what format.

If you’ve done everything correctly, you should have set up the delivery of the custom instructions.


Creating bespoke reports enables us to tailor Interactive Brokers based on an experience that we prefer.

You can create a folder that archives bank statements in an email account (if you have enough email storage).

You can make trades and check your positions on the mobile phone or the TWS platform.

And all of this for a surcharge of a big fat zero.

This adds to the appeal of Interactive Brokers:

  1. Low transaction costs with low minimum amounts
  2. Two different commission models to choose from
  3. Currency conversion close to the spot rate
  4. Trade in multiple markets around the world

Which custom reports do you find very useful? Maybe you can tell us.

If you’d like to trade in these stocks I mentioned, you can open an account at Interactive broker. Interactive Brokers is the primary low cost, efficient broker I use and trust to invest and trade my holdings in Singapore, the United States, the London Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. They allow you to trade stocks, ETFs, options, futures, forex, bonds and funds worldwide from a single integrated account.

Read more about my thoughts on Interactive Brokers in this Deep Dive series from Interactive Brokers Start with how to easily create and fund your Interactive Brokers account.

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Kyith is the owner and sole writer of Investment Moats. Readers tune in to Investment Moats to learn and build stronger, firmer wealth bases, how to pursue a passive investment strategy, learn more about investing in REITs, and the basics of active investing.

Readers also follow Kyith to learn how to plan well for financial security and financial independence.

Kyith worked as an IT operations engineer from 2004 to 2019. He currently works as a Senior Solutions Specialist at the fee-based asset management firm Providend.

You can view Kyith’s current portfolio here, using his free Google Stock Portfolio Tracker.

His preferred investment broker is Interactive Brokers, which allows him to invest in securities from various exchanges around the world, at very low commission rates, with no custody fees, close to spot prices.

You can read more about Kyith here.


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