13 nugget couch alternatives for parents who want one right now

If you don’t have the lightning-quick reflexes to snag a Nugget Comfort couch, you can get your hands on one of these equally fun alternatives.

If you have kids around the house and an Instagram addiction, you’ve probably heard about it by now elusive nugget play couch, the unicorn of the children’s furniture world. The versatile, modular sofa lets the little ones get creative when building elaborate fortresses and offers them a cozy place to relax on film evenings. When the pandemic broke out, you probably even thought about getting your hands on a nugget – only to find that securing a nugget depends on winning a lottery and the competition is fierce. But guess what? There are other versions that are just as fun and far less stressful (virtual school aged enough for us for one year, TYVM). Check out our most popular nugget alternatives below:

The coconut

Photo: Go Coconut

This Go Coconut play couch is designed and manufactured 100% in Canada so you don’t have to worry about paying customs when shipping. They also offer the possibility of half a coconutif you don’t have space for a complete set in the playroom. $ 489, indigo.ca

The Whatsit children’s foam sofa

Photo of a modular children's couch set up as two chairs on a carpet

Photo: Wayfair

Let your kids get creative with this modular sofa and when they’re done playing they can configure it into their own separate chairs for a quiet time. In addition, the protective covers are machine washable!
$ 520. wayfair.de

My puffin play couch

Photo of two children crawling through a tunnel made up of two pillows from a play couch

Photo: My puffin

This play couch is equipped with hard-wearing fabric covers that should withstand the hard knocks of play time. In addition, the strong zippers are covered with fabric to prevent children from injuring themselves while playing.
$ 499, mypuffin.approx

The joey

Photo of a yellow play couch on a carpet

Photo: Chew Chew Baby Roo

The supplied crescent pillow is the perfect armrest, and if you want to give children even more options, Chew Chew Baby Roo offers additional pillow sets with different shapes such as semicircular rockers, trapezoids and triangular wedges.
$ 300, chewchewbabyroo.com

The nest

Photo of a young child reading a book that looks like a throne on a play couch

Photo: stylized nest

This luxury play couch is 100% Canada made and comes with two extra large rainbow cushions that are super versatile. You can use them for all kinds of builds with the stacking pillows, but they’re just as good on their own as a seat, footrest, or super fun seesaw!

$ 598. stilizednest.com

My couchy couch

Photo of a play couch in a living room

Photo: My Couchy Couch

The cushions of the My Couchy are shaped more like flat trapezoids than full triangles, which adds extra comfort and versatility!
$ 349, mycouchy.com

The comfortable couch

Photo of a family lounging on a modular play couch reading books

Photo: cozy couch

Available in eight stylish colors, the Cushy Couch goes perfectly with any interior. They also offer an expansion set for even more convenient fun!
$ 399, cushycouch.approx

The Figgy

Photo of a modular play couch

Photo: Shenanigan Kids

The cushions of this play couch can be easily connected with Velcro to create all possible configurations. In addition, the pillowcases have integrated waterproof inserts for dirt-free play. Be on the lookout for Canadian shipping which will be available later this year.
$ 279, shenanigankids.com

Jaxx Zipline Playscape

Photo of two children playing on a modular play couch built like a spaceship

Photo: Jaxx

The Zipline Playscape is the perfect addition to any playroom and is available in eight bright colors that let your children’s imagination run wild!
$ 295, jaxxbeanbags.com

Igloo Soft Play Shapes activity toy

Photo of a foam play area

Photo: Amazon

These non-slip blocks are so easy to clean that they will spark the creativity of your little one who can climb, build, or just lie around.
$ 290, amazon.de

SoftScape climber

Photo of a foam play area with a tunnel

Photo: Wayfair

What kid doesn’t love crawling through a tunnel? This playset is the perfect way for little climbers to live out their energy in a soft and safe environment.
$ 422. wayfair.de

Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress

Photo of a toddler sitting on a foldable upholstered couch

Photo: Amazon

This clever design is available in four different mattress sizes and can be folded up to form a couch with back cushions. Kids can use it as a play mat or sofa, and when guests drop in, the larger sizes can double as a bed.
$ 63- $ 206, amazon.de

IKEA FAMILY folding mattress

Photo of a foldable mattress

Photo: Ikea

This easy-to-store mattress is perfect for movie nights and doubles as an overnight mattress. We suspect that clever kids with a few extra props could also be some sort of Fort MacGyver.
$ 99, ikea.com


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