Do you value efficiency or performance in your phone’s chipset?

As expected, smartphone processors are getting smaller and more powerful every year. Progress is not always easy to see from year to year, but when you compare today’s flagship phones with devices from four or five years ago, it definitely becomes clear.

Mobile chipsets are not all created equal, however, as some processors prioritize performance while others focus on efficiency. But what is more important to you? Let us know via the poll below.

Of course, there are many high-end processors that offer a lot of performance, but can still last for many hours if necessary. It’s also worth noting that there are other factors that affect its performance and efficiency, such as battery capacity, phone design, and type of RAM / storage. That said, we’d like to know which one you would choose if you had to make a decision (assuming everything else is the same).

Besides a vote, do you have anything else to add? Then you can share your thoughts through the comments section below.


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